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About ICN

11+ years of Service Excellence

Independent Choice Network ( ICN)  is a global study consultancy company, which specialises in Health and Life Sciences. We offer you the convenience of our British Council-certified expertise and experience in UK study application and comprehensive preparation, from choosing a subject to study, location and institution that meet your interest and needs, the application process towards admission, all the way through accommodation, travel and work opportunities in your destination.


For most international applicants, facing unfamiliar consideration factors to build one solid plan in overseas study, including in the process of admission, is quite confusing and risky. Differences in the education system, requirements, as well as language barrier, not to mention that you will have to compete with thousands of other applicants from all over the world. We are here to give you solutions and convenience.

With a 11-year of experience and solid channel links with multiple institutions, we provide help to save you from the above tiresome difficulties, so you can just focus on your study progress. We are the answer to your study needs.

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What We Can Do For You?

Early detection of your potential is crucial. We do understand. Therefore, in this stage, we will have a deep discussion on choosing the right subject and information sharing on relevant career options for you. Our team will help you detect your passion, and potential, as well as your best career opportunities with high accuracy. Only then, we will be able to guide you through numerous major options to choose the one most suitable for you, analysed from comprehensive aspects. You will be saved from a waste of money, energy and time that can happen by choosing the wrong major. It will be great if we can make money and build our careers in the field that we love.

Counselling on choosing the right institution, we will provide you with options based on our previous assessment. We will also help you check on the credibility of the institutions, including their accreditations, industry channels and links for your future career path, as well as the campus environment.

Our experienced ICN Team is ready to help and save you from the tedious process of admission. We guide academic and work experience letter formats, statement of purposes, the visa application process(for non-UK residences), financial eligibility checks, and interview appointments, as well as other necessary steps.

One of the university requirements for entry-level admission is your proof of English Proficiency. TOEFL and IELTS are well-accepted at most institutions worldwide. We also provide with our trusted partners, international test score improvement courses, which include TOEFL and IELTS Preparation courses.

Accommodation Search; you need to make good preparations to have a good living experience overseas. Just ask our team for information on housing locations and types that meet your interests and needs.



There is a strong community focus in our philosophy. We believe an educated community means a better community. Many individuals aspire to break the mould. Unfortunately, in the current climate this is often difficult. Independent Choice Network seeks to enable and empower interested candidates to access higher education regardless of their circumstances. Time is often a barrier, but this can be overcome with the flexibility provided by the institutions we work with. Finance can be a major barrier. We also provide support and assistance with information on funding opportunities which could be the difference between studying or not. We aim to find programmes that run throughout the year on full-time and part-time modes – evenings and weekends. Every student is different and we strive to meet their diverse needs. The Independent Choice Network can assist business entrepreneurs and people seeking to increase their employment prospects.

How to Contact us?

You can drop us any questions using our inquiry form or call our direct office line. For a speedy response, chat with us via WhatsApp now. ICN is ready for you with the best one-to-one service.