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Study one subject at a time*

You’ll only study one subject at a time. That means you’ll have the opportunity to study topics in-depth and give assignments your full attention before moving on. Each subject lasts for six weeks and is assessed as you learn.

Career-focused courses*

No one knows better than the experts. That’s why at our partner institutions many of our academics have relevant industry experience, to ensure you can learn the theory and practical elements needed to enter the workplace. We aim to offer degrees in course areas where we can find industry demand, to create graduates with the skills that local employers want.

No end-of-year exams*

Exams can be stressful even if you’re confident about your subject. You won’t have traditional end-of-year exams; instead we use modern techniques with different types of assessment in each subject, such as coursework. As well as getting the chance to prove your knowledge through a variety of methods, you should be able to avoid any last-minute revision stress.

Note: Please feel free to contact us for the detailed brochure for each subject. 


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    Health and Life Sciences

    Career prospects

    We understand that higher education is an investment for your future. At our partner School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, we design each of our courses with two things in mind: a commitment to academic excellence and your employability. With us, you will have the opportunity to access the latest technology, research and theory, and apply it to real-world examples and projects. All these resources and training will allow you to become a graduate and a recognised industry professional. We aim to be at the forefront of world-class teaching and respond to market demand. Our experienced and highly qualified lecturers work with industry and professional bodies to ensure each course addresses the dynamic needs of society. The strength of our resources and expertise, alongside our dedicated employability support, the Talent Team at our partner campuses, has improved the career prospects of many students.

    We aim to empower our graduates to become future healthcare professionals, with the knowledge informed by our research. We use our research strengths to enhance our societal engagement and enrich your teaching and learning experience.


    Welcome to the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health

    Why study Nursing with us?


    With our partner schools, we produce nurses who are not only excellent clinical practitioners but who also understand the importance of care, compassion and communication. These values run through all our courses, and  staff at our partner schools  have a wealth of experience and can demonstrate how those values make a positive impact on patients' lives.


    As our partner school take a 'whole patient journey' approach you will develop an understanding of how your role fits in to the team of healthcare professionals who work alongside nurses throughout the patient's journey to recovery, including paramedics, doctors, health care assistants and radiographers.

    Note: Please feel free to contact us for the detailed brochure for each subject. 


    Please see our list of courses

    Intakes: January, March, May, July, September, November.

    Health and Life Sciences
    Access to Nursing
    Nursing and Allied Health Professions Foun*
    Adult Nursing Blended Learning BSc/Msc
    Midwifery BSc (Hons)
    Nursing Associate Foundation Degree
    Mental Health Nursing  BSc/MSc
    Learning Disabilities Nursing  BSc/MSc
    Children and Young People’s Nursing BSc/MSc
    Critical Care Nursing PgC
    Public Health and Community Studies BA/BSc*
    Diagnostic Radiography BSc/MSci
    Applied Bioscience Foun/BSc*
    Health and Social Care Foun/BA*
    Applied Psychology BA*/BSc/MSc

    Arts and Humanities
    Business Management and Leadership BA*
    Law and Practice LLB
    Primary Education and Teaching Studies BA*
    Professional Accounting BA*/MSc
    Digital Marketing with Data Analytics MSc
    Economics, Banking and Finance MSc/PGDip/PGCert
    Financial Economics and Banking BSc (Hons)
    Finance MBA
    Global Business Management BA (Hons)
    Global Events Management BSc (Hons)
    Global Business MBA
    International Finance and Accounting BA (Hons)
    International Hospitality and Tourism Management BA (Hons)/MSc/PGDip/PGCert
    International Project Management MSc/PGDip/PGCert

    Engineering, Environment and Computing
    Energy Management BSc*/MSc
    Cloud Computing BSc*
    Computing Science BSc*
    Cyber Security BSc*/MSc
    Data Science BSc/MSc
    Electro-Mechanical Engineering BEng*
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering BSc/MSc
    Electrical Automotive Engineering MSc
    Automotive Engineering BSc
    Mathematics and Data Analytics BSc/MSc
    Mechanical Engineering BSc/MSc